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Ora Gourarie, Psy.D

(732) 247-4205

24 N 3rd Ave suite 200, Highland Park, NJ 08904, USA

I work in a collaborative manner. When you come for couples therapy, I will help you identify your core conflicts and help you overcome the endless cycle of unproductive and hurtful arguments. If you are coming in with the sting of a betrayal, such as the discovery of an affair, I will help you sort through the pain and start to put your life together. I value insight and self-knowledge as key components of a meaningful life, and we will use insight to uncover relationship patterns that can be changed. I am excited to share my love of Emotionally Focused Therapy with you because it helps couples get the basics of their yearning for connection with their partner. EFT has solid outcome research behind it and is effective with couples of all ages, genders, and life stages.

I am a clinical psychologist and work with individuals and couples on issues of identity, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, and aging. I have completed the EFT Externship and Core Skills training and continue to participate in supervision with EFT supervisors. I also regularly assist at Hold Me Tight weekend workshops for couples.

Credentials and Affiliations:

- Psy.D Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University

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