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EFTCNJ's mission is to promote healthy, loving relationships all across the

Greater New Jersey area through the practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy.


Our objectives include:

  • Connecting the public to EFT-trained therapists and workshops for couples

  • Educating the public about EFT and the development of healthy attachment bonds

  • Providing ICEEFT-endorsed trainings and certification to students and licensed mental health professionals

  • Connecting and supporting EFT therapists through professional and social networking opportunities

EFTCNJ serves as a "beacon of light,"
connecting couples to therapists who can help guide them
from the stormy seas of distress to the calm waters of safety and secure connection.

Learn from EFT's founder, Sue Johnson, about a landmark study that shows that EFT can effectively help couples create the secure loving bonds that soothe our brains.

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