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From therapists in the process of learning EFT

"Debi has such a gift to create a safe, engaging, and nurturing environment that I felt so at ease and immersed in the risk-taking, learning, and growing process. Saying that Debi is a knowledgeable and skillful EFT trainer is an understatement. She breathes and lives EFT!! She is a genuine person and is so sharp in picking up the process in the room! I feel so fortunate to train with her!"

"I began my EFT journey with a presentation by Debi at an NASW convention three years ago.  Since then it's been Externship, Core Skills, and Self of Therapist. Wow!  I'm totally hooked.  I can't stop wanting to learn more from Debi, Karyn, and Maria!  The EFT model is so alive in these women. Experiential learning with this team is so compelling and effective in expanding the view of self, clients, and all humanity. This training is life-changing.  Clients love it.  I love it!"

"This experience opened me up to what feels like the real me...the patience and kindness of Debi, Maria, and Karyn, as well as the whole group, allowed me to see myself differently. My work with clients will be more compassionate, slower, and more satisfying for all of us...I am grateful for this experience and hope I can hold on to this feeling of being whole..."

"The experience was extraordinary. I've had therapy, but the Self of Therapist Experience was so moving and powerful because it was a cocoon formed of people. I feel really good and connected. I keep thinking of a Buddhist quote -  'None of us escapes it.' At certain points in my life, I have despised the truth in that quote, but what life has taught me and SOT has reinforced is the beauty and opportunity to truly connect with others because 'none of us escapes it.' Thank you!"

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