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Alan Zwerdling, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

(732) 936-1212

170 NJ-35, Red Bank, NJ 07701, USA

Do you long for closeness and connection, but end up stuck in the same old conflicts?​
Has there been a breakdown in communication, intimacy, or sex?​
Are you having trouble healing and rebuilding trust following an affair?​
Does it seem like your partner just doesn’t understand you no matter how hard you try?​

I’ve been helping couples with exactly these kinds of problems for almost 40 years. In fact, I am
proud to be the first therapist in Monmouth and Ocean Counties to receive full certification in
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), widely regarded as the most effective method of couples
therapy and marriage counseling available today.
I understand how couples can get stuck in conflicts even though they love each other and want
to create closeness and intimacy. I can give you the tools to improve communication, end
feelings of loneliness and resentment, and create true intimacy and connection. If there’s been
an affair, I can guide you to healing the pain and rebuilding trust and security.
If you’re looking for individual therapy or counseling, I can help you with depression, anxiety,
stress, separation and divorce, low self-esteem, relationship troubles, past trauma, recovery
from addictions and codependency, grief and loss, life transitions, and unresolved childhood
In both individual and marriage therapy, I practice in a manner that is gentle, compassionate,
warm, caring and validating - to create a truly safe space where you can feel comfortable talking
about your feelings, exploring and processing your experiences, and making sense of things.
With no fear of judgment and no pressure.

To learn more, or read reviews from people I have worked with, please visit my website at or call me directly at (732) 936-1212.

Helping people overcome obstacles and create the lives and
relationships they truly want - that has been my passion for
almost 40 years. Here you will find a warm and compassionate

space to work on yourself or your marriage, where your feelings
and concerns will find acceptance, understanding and expert

I am proud to be the first therapist in Monmouth and Ocean
Counties to be fully certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy
(EFT), widely regarded as today's most effective approach to
couples therapy and marriage counseling.

I can help you learn to get unstuck from repetitive negative
cycles, communicate in a new way that promotes closeness
and understanding, and end feelings of loneliness and
resentment. Our work together can help you create intimacy
and connection, develop a partnership that allows resolution of
conflict and find your way back to each other emotionally and

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