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Greg Cheney, PhD, LMFT, LPC

(919) 351-5071

Medford, NJ, USA

I have worked with couples and families for over 20 years as a pastor, chaplain, and marriage and family therapist. During this time, I discovered the effectiveness of EFT that is grounded in scientific research. It seems science has discovered how God created us to both heal and connect. EFT has deeply impacted both my personal and professional life through its foundation in attachment theory and its focus on creating meaningful connections in the relationships that matter to us most. This created a passion for me that fuels my desire to impact the lives of others as an ICEEFT certified EFT Trainer, Therapist, and Supervisor.

I specialize in online therapy (telehealth) for individuals and couples. I realize reaching out is not easy, and stepping into therapy may seem overwhelming. This is especially true when schedules, commutes, and day-to-day life come into play. In order to help with these challenges, I offer online therapy from the comfort of a private space of your choosing. I use the scientifically-validated approach EFT provides as a means to guide our sessions. This can lead to an experience of being truly heard, understood, and deeply connected in your most important relationships. It is in this sacred space that I can help you move towards your goals.

As an EFT Supervisor, I provide professional consultation for clinicians learning EFT. I truly enjoy creating a safe and reliable space for learning and growing with the model. We all have areas to grow in, and no one wants to take this journey alone. We all deserve to be supported and encouraged as we learn this wonderful model. I love how consultation provides and opportunity for a connected and powerful experiential learning process.

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