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Julie LaChapelle, MSW, LCSW

(862) 202-9786

When we have loving, secure connections as children, we are much more likely to feel a greater sense of overall peace and happiness in life, as well as to have a greater sense of confidence and autonomy as we venture out into the world. While the need for a healthy, loving parent-child bond may seem obvious to many, it is important to understand that the types of relationships we have as adults also leave a great impact on us as well. The most important of these being the relationship with a significant other. How we feel in our romantic relationships can affect our thoughts, feelings, self-worth, and even our ability to take healthy risks in both our personal and professional lives. Because of the power of these relationships, it is not surprising that people can feel easily debilitated when trouble arises, sometimes to the point where they feel no hope left for the relationship at all.

It is incredibly meaningful for me to work wth couples in order to help each partner achieve a greater sense of hope and an increased sense of connectedness. In my work with couples, I use the EFT model with its focus on attachment theory to help couples understand their negative patterns of interaction and to find healthier ways to communicate their needs in order that they may strengthen their emotional bond.

My experience includes working with individuals, couples and families. I have also worked with the gay and lesbian community and am sensitive to cultural differences.

Professional background and affiliations include:
NJ Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Masters in Social Work from New York University
Externship completed in Emotionally Focused Therapy
Member of ICEEFT and the NASW

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