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Susan Wolf, LPC

(908) 873-7244

577 Westfield Ave suite 102, Westfield, NJ 07090, USA

Have you lost the spark in your relationship? Do you long for the sexual intimacy and companionship you once enjoyed? Do you struggle to communicate over the simplest of matters? Has your bond together been assaulted by addiction, infidelity, or an emotional affair that desperately needs healing? Or have the ordinary stressors of everyday life - work, home, kids, and finances - driven a wedge between you and your significant other? You are not alone…

With ten years of experience in evidence-based therapeutic techniques, I offer compassion balanced with common sense. I bring an unbiased, fair approach, tempered with kindness and acceptance, to the intricate and often painful situations that arise between people who love each other. The principles of EFT, which are based on the model of human attachment in relationships, informs my couples counseling approach. In my professional opinion, EFT is simply “the gold standard” for this work because it helps us understand the negative responses and interactions that are mutually reinforced and result in partners feeling disconnected and alone. Learning how to access our deeper, underlying emotions and how to share them in a way that our partner can hear and hold them is what creates bonding and reaffirms love within the relationship.

I specialize in couples counseling, including sexual issues of all kinds, pre-marital counseling, divorce care and bad breakups. Whether you are at a crossroads in your relationship or seeking to restore the unity you once had, together we can bring clarity, hope, and direction in an atmosphere of safety and trust.

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