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Yechiel Benedikt, LCSW, LCADC, CASAC

(848) 223-3804

701 Cross St, Lakewood, NJ 08701, USA

My journey with Emotionally Focused Therapy began with my interest in working with clients struggling with complex trauma and my appreciation for experiential therapy. My extensive training in both EMDR and psychodrama provided me with a deep understanding of the importance of a healthy attachment bond as a foundation for emotional development and overall well-being. The concept that humans are intrinsically wired for connection, that we are are both injured and healed in our most intimate relationships, resonates with me more deeply as I continue to grow in the field.

I find EFT, in particular, to be highly effective with the population I work with. It specifically, gets straight to the heart of a couple’s distress, by helping partners recognize the negative spiral they are caught in, redirecting them away from content and instead focusing them on the vulnerable emotional messages they are trying to send the person they most value and need.

I have been working with a myriad of married couples, from the newly married to those married for many years, and even those in second and third marriages. Compatible with EFT, I have always used a humanistic and non-judgmental approach in my work, making sure to be sensitive to the individual and cultural needs of my clients. Having been trained in other models, I also customize my approach to the specific needs of a couple. For example, I will integrate my extensive training in addiction in cases where one or both partners struggle with addictive behaviors.

I look forward to helping people find peace and joy in their relationships so they may live happier and more meaningful lives.

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