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NJ Externship 2022

Lakewood, NJ / Online

February 9, 10, 14, 15

About This Training

Emotionally Focused Therapy, often called EFT, is a form of therapy that strives to help individuals identify the underlying emotions that guide their relationships. The EFT approach was first developed by Susan Johnson and Les Greenberg in the 1980s, and it continues to become one of the most popular and effective ways to improve relationships. EFT is a data validated approach to therapy, based in attachment theory. It is used with couples, families, individuals, and even businesses. Focused on creating connections in relationships. EFT leads to greater fulfillment and success.

The EFT Externship, as developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and presented by ICEEFT-Certified Trainer Debi Scimeca-Diaz, LMFT, LCADC ONLINE, is more than just an introduction to Emotionally Focused Therapy. It is an educational and experiential immersion in learning a new and empirically validated way to work with couples. The EFT Externship is the first step toward EFT Certification

The 4-day EFT externship is not days of lectures and slides. Debi Scimeca-Diaz is a powerful, passionate presenter who believes in “teach, show, do,” which means you will learn through a variety of modalities, including: watching and discussing clinical videos of EFT therapists working with couples; practicing through role plays and experiential exercises that will help you “feel” the model in a safe, supportive way through the assistance of advanced EFT clinicians; and processing through daily small-group “homeroom” sessions, which are a supportive place for questions and group discussion… Additionally, you will have the opportunity to witness Debi practice the model through TWO LIVE CONSULTATIONS, working with two different volunteer client couples.

You will leave the Externship with a new way to conceptualize your work with couples and a road map for how to work in the moment, in the room with them, so that you are more confident in helping your couples reconnect and repair. As often reported by attendees, you may also leave the Externship with a more compassionate way to see the relationships in your own life.

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